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Welcome to the new wave. Born in the lab and made to get rad, this is the X24. It was designed from day one to live squarely in that sweet spot where science meets soul, the surf is better than ever and the wakes are wicked. Featuring the brand new intelligent Switchback ballast tank—the X24 truly makes better waves than anything else in the industry. It serves up cleaner, longer, sharper and bigger waves than any towboat ever before. Grab 17 of your best friends, load it up and get stoked to roll out endless legendary surf on your way to a legendary summer.

ORDERED OPTIONS: CoolFeel Beach Tan Interior, SeaDek Flooring, Claerview Billet Panoramic Mirror, BTS Windshield, Comfort and Convenience Package, DockStar Handling System, Gen 2 Surf System With S2S Switching, FastFill Ballast System, ZFT4 Tower With Speakers and Lights, Premium Audio And Dual Screen Package, Speaker Light Rings, Transom Stereo Remote, Underwater Lighting, Convertible Rear Seat, Transom Lounge Seating, Docking Lights

Features may include:

  • Horn
  • Forward cleat
  • Anchor storage
  • Bow fi ller cushion (where equipped)
  • Forward ballast tank (beneath fl oorboard)
  • Bilge thru-hull outlet
  • ZeroOFF GPS puck
  • Ballast thru-hull vents
  • Navigation Light
  • Battery ON/OFF switch and Circuit breaker panel (in the walk-thru)
  • Instrument panel
  • Midship Cleat
  • Steering wheel
  • Shift/throttle control
  • Engine cuto§ lanyard
  • Heated driver’s seat (where equipped)
  • Fire suppression unit manual override
  • Flip-up rear facing seat
  • Center drain plug (access plate under lid)
  • Fuel tank fi ller
  • Cooler (under seat)
  • Midship ballast tank (under fl oor)
  • Starboard ballast tank (under fl oor)
  • Ballast thru-hull outlet
  • Stern cleat
  • Freshwater fl ush port (where equipped, in engine compartment)
  • Bilge thru-hull outlet
  • Transom stereo remote (where equipped)
  • Swim Platform
  • Gen2 wake shaping devices (one on each side below swim platform, where equipped)
  • Bow cleat
  • Bow subwoofer
  • Ballast thru-hull vents
  • Navigation Light
  • Amp board and amps
  • Midship cleat
  • Hand-held fi re extinguisher (inside)
  • Glove box
  • Batteries
  • Fuel tank fi ller
  • Tower with swivel board racks and surf tow points
  • Anchor Navigation Light
  • Ballast thru-hull vents
  • Port ballast tank (under fl oor)
  • Stern cleat
  • Removable pylon (where equipped)
  • Engine
  • Over engine storage compartment
  • GoPro mounting points
  • Underwater lights (where equipped)
  • Transom drain plug (center beneath swim platform)

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